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Virtual Reality Hub: Explore the World of XR Projects

Education XR

An immersive virtual education platform using VR technology to provide students and remote learners with interactive and engaging learning experiences.

VR Game Development

Immerse yourself in the world of VR game development, where we create captivating and interactive VR games that push the boundaries of virtual reality technology.

Virtual Travel

A VR-based travel platform that allows users to virtually explore different parts of the world and embark on exciting travel adventures.

VR Showroom

Step into the world of Virtual Gallery, where art and products come to life in a stunning VR environment.

VR Event

It is a vr project in which the 360-degree camera footage of the events is transferred to the virtual real environment with vr glasses.

Construction VR

An innovative VR project for the architecture and real estate industry, offering clients impressive virtual tours.

VR Team

A VR-based collaboration platform that enables teams from different locations to work together interactively on projects.

VR Cinema

It is a VR project where video broadcasts can be watched on a giant screen or in a movie theater.

AR Menu

With augmented reality in restaurants, you can view how the food you will order will look on your table.

AR Products

Lets you see how a product looks in the real world with life-size augmented reality or how an item will look in your home.


We develop special projects for you using XR technologies in accordance with your demands.

Education With Virtual Reality

VR Education saves over 50% compared to traditional training.
• Saving educational space and effective use of space
• Free virtual labs for all branches and subjects
• Safe, non-hazardous testing possibilities
• Storage space for educational materials, maintenance, resetting repair costs and supplying problems disappearance.
• Costless and safe travel opportunities with virtual tours.
• More effective training*

Student Motivation and Subject Memory Increase in VR Based Trainings

Make a Difference with VR Technology in Your Trainings

AR Place It!

ARPlaceIt is an innovative application that allows you to virtually place furniture and products in your home. Leveraging Augmented Reality technology, you can easily select and visualize desired furniture with accurate measurements and perspectives in your living space. Transform your design ideas into reality and elevate your decorating experience with interactivity and enjoyment. With ARPlaceIt, effortlessly place furniture that complements your home, creating a personalized living environment that reflects your unique style.

AR Menu

With augmented reality in restaurants, you can view how the food you will order will look on your table.

The project aims to create a restaurant menu using augmented reality, enhancing the dining experience by providing customers with visual and interactive representations of dishes, eliminating the need for physical menus.


Digital Solutions

We create forward-looking digital solutions in IoT (Internet of Things), XR (Extended Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and BI (Business Intelligence).
Our specialized services are tailored to enhance efficiency, optimize decision-making processes, and provide a competitive edge for our clients.
With an expert team, we embrace creativity and innovation to empower businesses on their digital transformation journey. Our goal is to be a reliable partner, delivering customer-centric solutions that cater to the unique needs of each business.
Experience the Future Now: Innovative Digital Transformation with IoT, XR, AI, and BI!

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Artificial intelligence

AI: Your Strategic Advantage in Modern Business Operations!

At our company, we harness the power of OpenAI technologies to deliver innovative and tailored corporate solutions.

With robust capabilities in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, we offer our clients the potential for enhanced efficiency, automation, and intelligent decision-making.

As pioneers in the digital transformation journey, we optimize business processes by integrating data analytics, language comprehension, and insightful abilities. Embracing creative approaches, we merge future technologies with the present, catering to the unique needs of our customers.

Together, our aim is to propel your business towards a smarter, more efficient, and competitive future.

Shaping Success with Data Brilliance: Illuminate Your Path with Business Intelligence!.

Our company specializes in business intelligence solutions. Through data analytics and visualization technologies, we transform business data into meaningful insights. Our business intelligence solutions empower organizations to make informed decisions and engage in strategic planning. By providing data-driven insights, we offer our clients the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Our goal is to help businesses maximize the value of their data assets and achieve greater success.

Easy interface

Applifashion provides a great user experience for its users. This allows users to easily use the application without any training required.
Simple and purposeful interfaces will lead you with advanced artificial intelligence support.

All platforms

Applifashion offers all interfaces in accordance with the device you are using. Fully compatible with iOS, android and other operation systems.

All devices

We develop fully compatible with smartphones and tablets.
Mobile softwares that developed by us supports more than 10.000 device models.


Other Projects...

Project Management

Assign tasks to your employees and follow their results.


Deploy a survey of your employees and get immediate results.

Channel Based Measurement
Field Data

Make your measurements channel-based. So ask the right questions in the right store.

Weighted Measurement
HR Solutions

It digitizes human resources processes.

Calculation Methods

E-Commerce marketplace and mobile application solutions. Integration infrastructures.

Sales Management

Sales force automation powered by artificial intelligence.

Store Information
Enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence chatbot that supports your staff or customers in your corporate processes.

Flexible Reporting
Flexible AI Reporting

You ask. Let artificial intelligence instantly prepare and present the report for you.

Profile Pages
Employee portal

Digitize your processes such as Expenses, Annual Leave, Payroll.

Authorization Mechanism
Social Platform

Strengthen communication with the in-house social platform..


Publish your documents publicly or on a store basis. Your employees get instant access to the documents and report their reading rates.


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