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Virtual Reality

We create Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality solutions, applications and games for you as you wish.

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Human Intelligence

New technology that combines human emotions with artificial intelligence, offering a human-like thinking and feeling ability.

MerchTracker AI
Artificial Intelligence

Applifashion provides innovative AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses, optimizing their workflow efficiency..


Why should you be in Metaverse?

  • In this new world that will enter our lives with the rapidly developing technology, you must reserve your place in Metaverse to lead the way.
  • By using virtual reality, you can bring your consumers together with your products and services. You can offer them the most realistic experience. You can experience your products. You can add a whole new dimension to your training.

What can you do on Metaverse?

By strengthening your existing business with Xr technologies, you will provide more effective and quality service to your customers.
With this new technology, you can improve your business in many areas.
  • Virtual Fairs and shops.
  • Mixed reality or Virtual reality training content and product manuals.
  • Virtual tours, visits or events.
  • Providing user experiences with virtual reality.
and many other Enterprise solutions.

Step into the Metaverse with Applifashion.

In many projects that you can create for corporate or professional use, Applifashion Inc. We strive to provide you with the best service.

With its experience and expert staff, we produce and implement the best solution for you.

We will support and assist you in choosing the equipment and equipment suitable for your project.

If you have projects on Metaverse or want to exist in this world, you can call us.

Augmented Reality

We can develop projects for you with augmented reality technologies that you can use in many areas.

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Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

VR, AR, MR solutions

Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

IOT, XR AI, BI solutions

Application Development
Application Development

Mobile and web application development

Game Development
Game Development

Mobile and VR Headset game development